Mobilization Against War and Occupation
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JANUARY 28TH, 2012

Antiwar Rally & Petition Campaign

Don't Attack Iran!

Imperialists Hands Off Syria!

U.S., UK, Canada, France, NATO
Hands Off Libya Now!

No to Sanctions on Iran & Syria!

Stop Imperialist War & Occupation!

End the Occupations of Afghanistan,
Iraq, Palestine & Haiti!

U.S. Hands Off North Africa
& the Middle East!

Self-Determination for Indigenous
Nations & All Oppressed Nations!

Co-organized by Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO)
& Iranian Community Against War (ICAW)

January 28th Rally Report

MAWO Street Action Attracted Many People to Oppose War Drive Against Iran and Syria

Mobilization Against War & Occupation hit the streets on January 28th 2012 for a monthly antiwar rally and petition campaign, focused on the demands of “Hands Off Syria!” “Hands Off Iran!” The rally also carried the demands of “No to Sanctions on Iran and Syria!” “U.S., U.K., Canada, France, NATO, Hands Off Libya Now!” as well as the ongoing demands for an end to the occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Haiti, and self-determination for Indigenous nations and all oppressed nations.

With banners reflecting these demands, picket signs and informational tables set up on Robson Street in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver, this protest was seen by thousands of people walking by on a busy Saturday afternoon, and the info tables were busy with people who stopped to get more information and to sign petitions against war on Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.

This was the first day for a new petition against the government of Canada’s sanctions against Iran as well as their participation in the manipulation, negative propaganda and threats towards Iran. Many people stopped to sign the petition, from many different ethnic backgrounds, young and old, as well as many Iranians who oppose the sanctions and threat of war against their homeland.

Participants took a break from petitioning to hear from MAWO co-chairs Alison Bodine and Janine Solanki, who took up the megaphone and attracted passerby’s who listened to what was being said. Alison outlined the increasing war drive on Iran, and encouraged people to join the Vancouver action on the upcoming International Day of Action against war on Iran. Janine followed to speak about the build up of negative propaganda and maneuverings against Syria, and to encourage people to sign the petition against war on both Iran and Syria. Alison and Janine led participants in chants on “No War on Iran!” “Hands off Syria!” “No to Sanctions on Iran and Syria!”

By the end of several hours of petitioning, activists had collected 210 petition signatures on the new petition against war and sanctions on Iran. This successful petitioning was an indication of the opposition to the war drive on Iran by people in Vancouver, and many signers had strong words of opposition to say against the government of Canada’s threats to Iran as they signed the petition.

Every month Mobilization Against War & Occupation is out on streets for a rally and petition campaign, and is committed to continuing these protests as long as this new era of war and occupation is attacking oppressed nations around the world.